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"My dream is to give people joy through story"


When I was 13, I wanted to be a cardio thoracic surgeon. The sudden loss of my father to a heart attack was life changing. Through the darkness of grief, and into a new light of hope, it allowed me to reflect on how I might be able to help others recover from some of life’s challenges, while still seeing beauty in the world. It was at that young age that I knew my life would be dedicated to helping people feel joy, in some way.

As I prepared for pre-med, another passion equal to my love for medicine began to surface, my love of animation. I realized the impact that animated film had made in my life, as I connected to my favorite characters, often times seeming to understand my journey. I experienced the emotional connection viewers can build with characters. This inspired me to change career paths and pursue my goals of becoming an animator, to tell stories surrounding real human connection, and how to overcome life’s challenges, one of which I was living.

Since then, my dedication to becoming the best character animator/visual storyteller, has been the sole focus of my career. We have the ability as storytellers to transcend all barriers, show peace, love, and hope in the world, and to connect uniquely with all who share in our creations. Within my journey to become a successful character animator, I have taken every opportunity to work with others and seek and apply direction/feedback from those more skilled than I. I love to animate everything I get my hands on and explore other aspects of the production pipeline such as rigging, production, and direction.

My strengths truly lie character animation, but production and direction/leadership are other strong areas interests. I enjoy assuming a leadership role as my crew looks to me for direction, but I also approach that role to fully utilize the strengths within the team. We are inspired by one another’s strengths, and that promotes the creation of a beautiful result.

Ultimately, I am an animator to inspire others, make them laugh, and build connections in the world through appealing and emotional characters. My dream is to give people joy through story. I thrive in collaborative environments and I truly hope that someday soon I will have the pleasure of working alongside you.

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