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Through this production, I truly enjoyed working on a team, aiding them with the process and making it as easy and efficient for them as possible so we could all progress in our chosen skills.

I enjoyed and thrived in a fast-paced environment, surrounded by peers who are fueled by the same industry passion as myself, allowing us to operate as a unit and utilize each others' strengths to create the best end result for the film.

I progressed and built upon skills pulled from other held positions while at SCAD, such as being a resident assistant, and a retail customer service supervisor. Skills from those positions allowed me to effectively multi-task, problem solve, communicate positively and effectively, as well as function accurately in potentially high stress environments.

Being a producer for such an amazing group has proven to me that much more that this industry is my dream and that I cannot wait to work with many more amazing individuals.

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Software Experience: Shotgun Studio, Google Suite, Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Suite


Related Skills: Strong communication, proactive, teamwork, problem solving, organized, timely, multi-tasker, detail-oriented, resourceful, and patient

Monster of the Dark

Role: Director and Producer

In May 2019, I pitched an idea to my classmates to create a short film outside our coursework at SCAD, so we began the 3D production pipeline following the close of our Junior year. I assumed the roles of director and producer and immediately created documents to help the team organize files, meet deadlines, and store files. I created a google drive for file storage and managed all production files through Google Sheets. The goal was to make the production as easy to manage as possible as we were all still full-time students and had to prioritize coursework over outside projects.

With that being said, I created a production schedule to allow the team to prepare and time manage both this project and their coursework, seen below:

Master Production Schedule - Click Images to Expand

As production began, I managed and tracked each part of the pipeline through a master shot list in Google Sheets. Within the shot list, I made assignments, managed any omissions, kept all shots organized at their stage of production, and solved problems within scheduling, assignments, and miscellaneous challenges as they arose. Depicted below is an in-progress shot list of Monster of the Dark's production.

Master Shot List - Click Images to Expand

In the interest of creating ease for the crew members, I created sheets to easily establish assignments, set deadlines that match the master schedule, and track the progress of each asset, rig, and level of surfacing.

This allowed each "department" to focus on one, color coded (per person), sheet within an asset production file that laid out their own progress and deadlines.

The three depicted on the left begin with the modeling tracing sheet for characters and assets, the second covers surfacing, and the third rigging.

Beyond that, I created a contact page that held information of the crew members for them to easily contact each other if need be, allowing for collaboration and problem solving if challenges arose. Names and information have been removed for crew member privacy.


Finally, a naming convention was established early on for ease of organization and search within the project drive.

Asset Tracking Sheets, Crew List, Naming Convention - Click Images to Expand
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