Courtney Brewer

3D Character Animator

My name is Courtney Brewer. Presently, I am a senior at Savannah College of Art and Design. I am proficient in:

  • 3D Character Animation (Primary)

  • Production/Producing

  • Vis Dev / Concept (Mainly Character)

  • Character Rigging 

Organization and time management skills are strong characteristics in my work ethics. In addition, I strive to produce quality work while maintaining attention to detail in every aspect of my position. Professors and managers alike have complimented my drive and motivation to expand beyond academic curriculum, in an effort to seek the highest quality of work. 


I have experience with Shotgun Studio with regard to producing, as well as knowledge of the pipeline. Over the course of two quarters, I was an animator for the production of SCAD Animation Studio's film "Under Your Skin." My exposure, knowledge, and use of shotgun studio improved immensely through this experience. With this new knowledge, I was inspired to begin creating and producing my own short film.

I am currently directing and managing the entire production for my own film outside of current SCAD coursework entitled, "Monster of the Dark." I feel this experience is improving my skill sets in animation, directing, and production. Presently, we are working on the animation stage of the production pipeline.

In the area of visual development and concept, I have focused on developing character look, turnarounds, and painted renders of characters. I truly enjoy bringing characters to life from inspiration in my own life. I believe it adds magic to the process as the characters become relatable to the world around us. 

My dream, my inspiration, is to bring happiness to the world in the magic I create through animation. In the words of the late, great, Walter Elias Disney, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

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